A Glimpse of The Gambia and Senegal

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Welcome to My West African Journey

I designed this website to share with my friends and family my wonderful trip to Africa.  I never thought I would ever get to take a trip like this, and I absolutely fell in love with the countries I visited and people I met there.

From the time I headed to BWI airport, to the time I arrived back in the USA, was one magnificent adventure after another. It means so much to me to be able to share some of this adventure with you, here on this website. I hope you enjoy traveling with me through this small part of West Africa.

Where in the World is "The Gambia"?

That's the question I asked.  I was told told it was a little country in-between northern and southern Senegal, I immediately went to Google it. And yep! That's just what it was; this little tiny strip of a country completely surrounded on three sides by Senegal, and on the fourth side by the Atlantic Ocean. And there going right half way through the middle of the country is The Gambia River. The map below will give you a better idea of just where this little country is located.

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So thank you for visiting here for a while. Enjoy the pictures as I have tried to share my vision of what I saw and the things I did.